CCTV Camera Features


Infra-red CCTV cameras have integrated infra-red LEDs, which they can use to illuminate the objects in their field of view. This allows CCTVs to “see” during the night. That is why these cameras are often marketed as day/night cameras. 

Day/night CCTV cameras automatically detect the ambient light level and turn the Infra-Red LEDs on and off as needed. 

Two-way audio  

Two-way audio allows the operator in the control room to converse with the person in front of the CCTV camera. The conversation itself can be recorded and archived, just like any other kind of footage. 

Two-way audio is primarily useful for interactive access control systems and is a good alternative to a separate intercom system, decreasing complexity and easing maintenance. 

It also allows human operators to immediately learn of, and understand access attempts, making it easier to tell an honest attempt from a malicious access attempt.  

Real-time alerts 

Real-time alerts are a relatively new feature of IP-enabled CCTV cameras. CCTV systems that support this feature can issue an alert to a smart device such as your phone in response to certain events. 

Real-time alerts are a very useful CCTV feature, but you should choose your system with care. 

A system that issues too many needless alerts may decrease, rather than increase security, as everyone will quickly end up assuming that every alert is a false alert. 

Motion detection 

On-demand recording is useful in infrequently-accessed areas, where continuous recording throughout the day will provide you with tens of hours of footage of a door and maybe thirty seconds of people coming and going. 

CCTV systems with motion detection support allow you to configure your camera to start recording only when it has detected motion within its field of view. This way, only footage that contains relevant data will be stored. This saves you money on storage, backup and archiving, and makes it easier to browse and retrieve data when you need it. 


Surion’s Sense gives you the ability to integrate features such as object recognition, real-time alerts, motion detection, and analytics into your surveillance system without the need to purchase new cameras specifically for each of those features. Sense is a smart solution that can be customised for use to suit a wide range of needs. 

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