Women's Month Blog

Surion wants to celebrate women this month. Our mothers, sisters, daughters, relatives, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who showed us how you take responsibility and balance the demands of life.

We aim to make your life easier and allow you to effortlessly take control of your security. One less thing to worry about!

We reached out to female colleagues and friends to hear what they require of their security systems and security companies and we want to share some of these quotes with you. 

We live in a world where feeling unsafe has become the norm. Although safety is a right, it is often seen as an unattainable luxury. Surion aims to provide our clients with the means to finally feel safe. Surion’s Sense system is multifaceted. Not only will you receive accurate alerts, notifying you when an intruder has accessed your property, but Sense is also the brain for our countermeasures that will react intelligently to stop intruders in their tracks.  

The past decade has seen a significant increase in the number of women buyers in the South African property market. Single women are now the biggest group of property buyers in South Africa. These figures can be attributed to a growing trend where modern women aren’t waiting for marriage or a partnership to buy a home.  

It’s exciting to see the growing number of South African women who are asserting their buying power, but we realised that the largest group of property buyers may also be the group that is, and feels, particularly vulnerable where their safety is concerned. 3 years ago, when Surion was founded, we decided that we wanted to provide peace of mind to this group in particular. We focused on creating solutions that provide peace of mind while seamlessly fitting into the busy life of a single woman.  

Often it is uncertainty that creates the most fear. We take away that uncertainty. Sense sees an object or a movement and uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse the footage in real-time. Sense then classifies it as either an innocent occurrence or an intrusion. 

This means your system is now a pair of eyes that can detect movement and intrusions and further activate your countermeasures. No more false alarms. No room for human error. Surion enables you to take pro-active action. 

Surion has created a system that not only gives you peace of mind where safety is concerned, but it is created to take concerns off of your plate, not add more things to do. We understand that our clients have busy lifestyles and want to spend their free time on the things that matter, that is why “how can we make life easier for our clients” is a question we ask at every step of our design process. 

“Feeling safe in your own home is paramount”. This is exactly why Surion was founded. We have created a system that gives peace of mind and makes your life easier. Sense connects to your current or new camera surveillance system and converts it into an intelligent system, it’s that easy. 

Sense does not sleep or take breaks. Our intelligent system is always on and always keeping you safe. We provide you with that set of eyes you need so you know that should there be a threat you will be alerted and be able to take action proactively.  

Not only can you check in on your home while you are on the go but with Sense Nano*, you can pack it up, take it on holiday with you, and have the same sense of safety wherever you are. 

Sense is watching out for your safety so that you can focus on living your best life. 

These are a few of the problems that we have solved for our clients: 

- False alarms.  

- Human guards who cannot survey CCTV systems non-stop.  

- Searching through hours of footage after an incident.  

- Reactive measures that do not stop intrusions before they take place. 

With Surion’s innovative Sense system your security and safety can now be upgraded to an intelligent surveillance system that enables you to prevent an intrusion or attack. That's how we put your safety back in your hands. 

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